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Biz Discovery Session

Can I give you some clarity? Let's virtually meet and see.

  • 30 min
  • Virtual Session

Service Description

I look to collaborate with motivated entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small businesses who are ready to get growing. That must be you, since you've found yourself here! Sometimes you just need a conversation with someone like me to get out of your own head. I'm really good at taking a look at what's going on, breaking it down and analyzing it so that I can portray it in a way that's easier to digest. Do you need help with marketing strategy or overall business organization and goal setting? On this complimentary Discovery Session, we will see if I'm the right match to do that for you. Are you tired of wasting your time googling away to try and find the answers? Let me help you. You can't keep doing everything by yourself. You know you want growth when you're finally able to accept that you can't be an "expert" at everything when it comes to running your operation. Do any of these sound like you? > Looking to create clarity on where to take your business > Just starting out and unsure what tasks to prioritize > Feeling overwhelmed, looking for someone to help you > Wanting to systemize + strategize but unsure where to start > Lost when it comes to creating content for marketing > Throwing stuff up on social media when you remember to > Not seeing the results you want from marketing > Always feeling like you're catching up > Acting in response to situations rather than creating or controlling them > Have goals that you are not quite sure how to make happen > Looking for reassurance + guidance in your vision > Want an outside perspective on your business idea or marketing strategy If you could agree to any of the above, then I believe I am your match! Whatever it is, you've made it this far - I am here and I can help you out. I find a lot of people, whether they are just starting out or are already years into their business, need to take the time to strategize and synchronize. Your business survives on a strong foundation. If you're not evaluating what's working and what isn't, how can you get better than you were the day before? Looking forward to "meeting" you virtually soon to collaborate.

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